Welcome to Wild Law Group

We represent victims of economic crimes and related fraud – both corporations and individuals – in class actions and independent actions to recover their losses.   Characterized by federal judges as "highly proficient" and “experienced,” we have been appointed lead counsel in national class actions.  With experience in nearly every industry imaginable, our antitrust, consumer protection and commercial litigation practices focus on antitrust, breach of fiduciary duty, consumer protection, corporate waste, fraud, securities, and unfair and deceptive trade practices cases.  Our personal litigation practice focuses on representation of clients who have suffered catastrophic personal injury, nursing home abuse, civil rights violations or other abuses.

Our attorneys have tried countless cases to juries and represented clients in some of the most significant antitrust cases in history.  We use our experience to focus on the issues that matter. This focus has proven highly successful and cost-efficient. It allows us to understand and be prepared to try the case. The message that we convey — we will try the case ­— allows us to maximize settlement value at the earliest stage of the proceedings or push the case to a prompt trial.

We employ the most efficient means to obtain recoveries quickly while at the same time minimize legal expenses. For example, we take advantage of the liberal victim rights laws that may allow our clients to intervene in criminal prosecutions. In many cases, we can obtain broader or quicker relief than would be available in the civil litigation.

Because of our modest size, a highly knowledgeable and experienced litigator is directly involved in each and every aspect of a litigation. Our size also provides cost-effective representation. We do not incur the waste that is often a built-in component of large firm representation, such as the cost of training associates or learning curves while many different attorneys rotate through a case.

Our small size also allows us to be nimble in massive, high-stakes litigation in courts throughout the nation.  Unlike a large firm with a team of lawyers on a case, we have a senior litigator – steeped in the facts and familiar with all issues – ready to respond to whatever arises.  In prosecuting these actions, we also employ the expertise and staffing of other firms while at the same time coordinating the case strategy and maintaining an active role in all phases of the litigation.


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